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At its inception, chinashoppingshots was created to form and develop a brand-new conception of Traditional Chinese Arts and Craftsmanship towards the whole world. Our hope is to bridge the cultural ties between you and a great nation "CHINA". We have always been 100% committed to offer a unique taste of Chinese goods with an unsurpassed quality. Accordingly, we have searched for the best quality items available in China, picked them up and specially made to satisfy your personal desire!

In fashion, chinashoppingshots continues to evolve its distinctive style whilst employing elegance, comfort and vitality. In hard goods, our products are created for everyday use, emphasizing functionality, and always integrating the use of the Chinese motifs into their design. From apparel to folk collections, our exotic creations are bound to bring about a touch of style and coziness.

Our company has several subordinate manufactures and very close relationship with other various manufactures; we have built strong strategic partnership with them under a quick and safe logistics system. In order to we can always provide you with the best service in various Chinese products and affordable product's price, we allow other multiple product providers (manufactures) to share our store for selling their products. Each provider (manufacture) manages his own products, orders, taxes, shipping, etc independently of other providers (manufactures); we have a joint catalog and a common checkout point, so the customer only needs to place one order to us. However we are fully responsible for product's quality they provide, customer service maintain, goods deliver management and other our commitment.
Within a year, chinashoppingshots had taken root and bloomed into a solid business. And so, in the near future, chinashoppingshots will expand its way to include all families with connections to China! We hope that with the introduction of our distinctive styling, blending traditional Chinese culture with the modernity and dynamism of the 21st Century, our customers can enjoy there time in our website and find it filled with interesting Chinese cultural information and unique products.
chinashoppingshots is updated regularly with new information, products, and services, so please come back to our site often! And PLEASE, let us know your needs and suggestions, so we can better serve you with enthusiasm and hope that you will enjoy our various Asian delicacies and embrace them with equal delight.
Three main components make up the philosophy of this company; fashion, quality and the most favorable prices. These are chinashoppingshots philosophies and have made them a leading brand name. Browse your way through 5,000 years history of China and search various collections for men, women and children!