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Strutz Arch Support Cushion Shock Absorber Relief Achy Tired Flat Pain Feet
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材质: |nylon|
List Price: $10.00
Price: $5.99
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this product is made in china, not USA
 Non-Slip Sweat Absorbent Sole Pads Foot Care Cushions Features: This Strutz foot pads can help reduce heel, arch, ball of foot, knee, hip, lower back pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis. Comfortable compression band make this Strutz foot pads comfortable enough to wear everyday. Description: Item Type: Strutz Foot Pads Material: Breathable Fabric Color: Green & Black Size: 1 Size Fits All.
Quantity: 1 Pair I can have back and foot pains within 2 minutes of standing. Since I have started wearing these over my socks everyday. My back and foot pain has DRAMATICALLY Dropped. Some days are completely pain free. I can actually walk around the house with just these on when before I could not walk around at all without shoes due to the pain. The first day it was a little weird to adjust to, but I got busy and forgot I had them on. The next day I realised my feet and back hadnt hurt much the day before. I went to put my shoes on and these were still beside them. I thought...what could it hurt. I put them on and I have not gone a day without them since. I love them!!! INCLUDES 1 PAIR BRAND NEW IN BOX.